All About Topaz Gemstone – Types, Uses & Properties

Topaz is one of the most World’s favorite gemstones it obtains most of its popularity due to the variety of color it comes in for every personality and uncountable benefits. It has a hardness of 8 on Mohs scale making it the hardest silicate material. White Colorless Topaz is generally heated, irradiated and coated in thin layers of metallic oxides to alter its color. Most of the topaz in world comes from Brazil followed by Sri Lanka, Australia, India & Africa.

Types of Topaz Gemstone :

White Topaz

White Topaz Loose & Studded In Jewelry

Giving a very similar look to diamond white topaz is a semi-precious gemstone. White Topaz is the stone for throat, solar plexus & crown chakra stone. It helps in clarifying one’s intentions helping to realign with divine will and manifestation in the physical world.  Because it is colorless it is a no true in its energy focused through. You must be conscious and responsible in your use of these stones, hold the highest intention to receive the most positive results helping and focusing us to learn faith more easily and making those conscious co-creators.

I always keep a white topaz in my left pocket and it seems to attract a lot of energies. It makes me feel like a social butterfly and a lot more free. I find myself interacting and participating in conversations that I’ll normally shy away from making me not feel nervous to enter conversations not really worrying about people’s thoughts about me are.

If you know yourself well enough and pay attention when you keep chakra stones on you will definitely try to see the differences in the circumstances that you are in and the way things play out through out the day. In astrology, white topaz is related to the planet Venus & helps to boost energies of it.

Rainbow topaz / Mystic topaz

Loose Mystic Topaz & Studded In Jewelry

Mystic Topaz is one of the least commercial gemstones, meaning one of the semi-precious gemstones able to reach the higher levels. Topaz means Tapas in Sanskrit, for this reason the mystic topaz which means fire. For this reason, Mystic topaz which is used in the coding process which is called CVD (Chemical vapor deposition) process gives one of the most fascinating colors that no other gemstone can get the “rainbow” color. Having said that, mystic quartz also gives the same look to an untrained eye but a trained eye would be able to explain the difference between the two.

Topaz’s hardness is 7 on the Mohs scale, for this reason the coating on the topaz is much firmer and long lasting than quartz and also the brilliance is far better and moreover this brilliance gives out an actual rainbow and not flashes different color. Whether it is a Rainbow topaz ring or earrings, you are sure to stand out of the crowd wearing one.

Blue Topaz

Loose Blue Topaz & Blue Topaz Studded Jewelry

Blue topaz is also known as the Writer’s Stone, It stands a symbol of love and affection. It is aligned to the throat chakra & Third Eye chakra. Wearing blue topaz jewelry at the base of neck can help the throat and third eye chakra simultaneously. Blue topaz is also help when dealing with writer’s block. It can help focus the mind and make it easier to concentrate while writing. This is why it is sometimes called the Writer’s Stone. Blue topaz can help with psychic abilities, making tarot and crystal ball readings easier to communicate. It is also a birthstone of December.

Blue Topaz comes in 3 Shades – Sky Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz &London Blue Topaz. Each comes with its distinctive shade of blue with the level of color increasing in the same order. London Blue Topaz is very popular option in engagement rings, it gives a deeper & warmer blue compared to the other two.

Pink Topaz

Loose Pink Topaz & Studded Ring

Pink topaz is a gem of love. This extraordinary rare color of topaz is helps the wearer to attract a good match and connect thoughts to one another. It is also beneficial to activate your artistic side thus enhancing creativity. Ward of all negativity as this gem acts as a talisman against all evil.

Imperial Topaz

Loose Imperial Topaz & Studded Ring

Imperial Topaz is the crystal of glowing radiance. Many of the topaz’s which are found around the world naturally are clear or blue. However, there are some rarer colors such as reds, yellow, brown & orange. These are connected with the sun or the solar energy. In fact, myth says there was a sun god wrath that actually gave imperial topaz its color because of the solar energy. This is a stone of action, of moving forward on things that actually you were passionate about and moving distractions when we work with imperial topaz we open up to a life full of adventure action, pleasure and connectedness with all things in our life. Working with imperial topaz will allow your naturally beauty, natural glow to emanate. It’s a really good crystal to program when you are starting a new exercise regime, to help you stick to it. It is also a nice crystal to put near your skin care, to help allow your natural glow to come up.

Wearing Imperial Topaz jewelry also attracts people who will aid you on your path as well. It can also be used as a defensive crystal detracting people that do not serve you or who can be a distraction along your path.

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