Including Crystals into Your Daily Routine

Crystals (and minerals and gemstones) are wonderful manifestations of the Earth, conceived from far below the Earth’s surface and brought out into the light to sit on our bedside tables, improve our shelves, or swing from our wrists or ears. Crystals and gemstones have consistently fascinated and benefited humans. Their clearness and almost wonderful balance has dazzled our consideration since the ancient times and that reality stays genuine today.

Everybody, regardless of their background or position, has an account of that time they stumbled upon an excellent stone that got tucked into a pocket or somebody gifted them a bit of gemstone jewelry to cherish. From wandering in caves to find unique stones to getting geodes at a local creek, every one of us has an association with the universe of crystals and rocks, connecting us all with the Earth.

When we use crystals, either for their mystical healing powers, or even to adorn our body or brighten our home since they’re lovely, we’re working with the Earth to create beauty and to live with intention. It’s a human/nature connection we as a whole offer.

But how do you use crystals in your daily routine? Without an intention, you might find yourself with a bowl filled with rocks or maybe a bunch of sterling gemstone jewelry. In this article, you’ll find some ways to include crystals into your daily routine.

Using Crystals to Decorate Your Home or Office

The best way to use crystals is to put them in place you visit frequently, like your home or your office. Crystals are a beautiful addition to your bedside table, your bookshelf or your accent shelf. In fact you may even get a new shelf to just show off your rock collection.

When you decorate your room with crystals you’ll be able to tap into their beauty and have a good mood throughout the day. Why build a man cave, when you can have a crystal cave!

Even if you have smaller pieces, you can put them together in a bowl or in plate and just place them on a table.

Using Crystals to Simply Set the Mood

Other than simply placing your crystals on the shelf to stay, think of them as decorative pieces to be moved and be regularly rearranged to help you set the mood, according to your own liking or with the seasons, you can easily find them at wholesale silver gemstone jewelry stores.

Using crystals and gemstones as a living piece in your décor helps you in forming closer relationships with them, eventually you find out there is a particular crystal roaming around the entire house according to your experience with it and the needs of your home evolve, or there are certain places that collect interesting items.

Using Crystals as Jewelry

Wearing crystals and gemstones as jewelry is one of the best ways to enjoy their beauty and magical crystal powers all day long. From getting gemstone earrings and gemstone necklaces to gemstone bracelets and gemstone rings from gemstone jewelry manufacturers, using crystals as jewelry allows you to maintain a constant connection with these natural objects while also exploring your personal taste and style.

Carry Crystals in Your Pocket for Good Luck

It’s always pleasantly surprising when we get to know someone carrying their favorite crystal in their pocket or in their wallet. Whether it is for good luck (Pyrite), for purposes like protection against negativity (Black Tourmaline) or to attract prosperity (Citrine), we humans are naturally attracted to keep rocks with us as talisman to attract or repel. You can find these stones readymade or get them custom made from Indian gemstone jewelry suppliers.

Using Crystals for Meditation

We’ve all heard that meditating is good for us, and most of us can also agree that it’s easier said than done. A common problem: stuggling to stay focused.

That is why some of us like bringing crystal into their meditation practice; crystals are a great object for helping you find focus during your meditations.

Grasping a stone and zeroing in on its weight, its temperature, its shape, and how it feels against your fingers and palm is an effective way of preparing wheels for developing productive meditation habits. It gives you a place to focus and a tangible point to return to when your mind wanders off.


Since crystals come in all shapes and sizes, it’s amusing to discover intriguing – and even functional – ways to use them. All we need to do is get creative to find other uses for the beautiful members of our rock collection. Now that you know to include crystals in your daily life, take a look at our wholesale sterling silver gemstone jewelry!

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