Best Ways to Start a Wholesale Silver Gemstone Jewelry Business

Excited for starting your new wholesale silver gemstone jewelry business? You ought to be. Being energetic is an incredible method to move towards a new business. Keep in mind, however, while achievement won’t occur in an overnight, a wholesale silver gemstone jewelry can be rewarding. Why? Since you’ll be offering silver jewelry to retailers and different entities, who need to purchase large quantity of silver jewelry all at once to then exchange to their clients for a benefit. When they invest in your wholesale jewelry, they’ll pay you upfront.

With a touch of hard work, investing time, extraordinary client service and assurance, you ought to make the progress you’re aiming at. The following tips will help you start a wholesale silver gemstone jewelry business successfully.

Know your Jewelry: how to prevent it from getting spoiled

Wholesale gemstone silver jewelry aren’t exactly pure silver because pure silver is too soft to convert it into an object. Although sterling silver jewelry consists 92.5% pure silver, rest 7.5 is copper. It is important to know the quantity of pure silver in your silver jewelry before actually aiming to start a business with it.

Pure silver is generally a very low reactive metal and hardly ever reacts with anything, although when it is exposed to air with compounds like sulphur oxides, a black tarnish starts appearing on the surface of it.

Here are some steps you can take to prevent that:
• Store your jewelry in a low humidity environment
• Keep the jewelry clean and dry when you’re not wearing it
• You may keep silica gel bags/activated charcoal container in your jewelry box to prevent it from tarnishing
• Use anti-tarnishing paper to clean your jewelry from time to time

Testing your Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry is not magnetic hence should not get attracted to magnet, so you can try testing your silver jewelry using a magnet to know if its genuine. It is important to get a certification from reliable and trustworthy jewelers, before putting it in the market. Therefore, getting your silver jewelry tested by a reliable and trustworthy jewelry is the best way to go.

Create a Good Marketing Plan

Creating a good marketing plan is as important as taking good care of your sterling silver jewelry. Start with your target audience, as in the people to whom you’ll market your wholesale silver gemstone jewelry business to (children, adult, retailers, men, women, etc.). Along with a marketing plan, also decide your advertising budget, as in how much you’ll spend each month on advertising.

Build a Website

To sell your sterling silver jewelry to a larger customer base, build a website. In addition that also start a jewelry related blog to help increase sales and build loyalty with potential customers. Your blog could include information about: your sales, latest jewelry trends, jewelry craft, jewelry news, your best-selling jewelry for the upcoming season. Make sure you put enough hyperlinks in your blog leading to your wholesale silver gemstone jewelry website.

Investing in the Jewelry

Once you’re done with all of the above steps, the final thing left to do is invest in this jewelry. You can either sell this jewelry directly to the customer or sell them in bulk to wholesale vendors depending on the amount you have. You may also invest the money you earn into your own business at first.

These were some of the tips you can use when starting a wholesale silver gemstone jewelry business. From being a jewelry trader to investing in other projects, the thing you can do with starting a wholesale silver gemstone jewelry is endless. You may start with taking a look at our collection!

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