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Wholesale Opal Jewelry

The gemstone with the changing colour play – Opal is one of the most sought after crystal in Sterling Silver Jewelry. Opal gemstone jewelry adds a unique touch to your retail jewellery collections. And whether you buy a sterling silver opal ring or an Opal Pendant from SMGL, you can be confident in the quality and authenticity of the gemstone, which your consumers will appreciate. Our unbeatable pricing and highest quality are just not the only reasons to shop Wholesale Opal Jewelry on our platform.

Whether Its Ethiopian Opal or Australian Opal jewellery it is ideal for any occasion. Despite the fact that opal is the birthstone for October, it is loved by all gemstone lovers. SMGL only sells the highest quality produced opal, hand-selected for its light flashes and beauty. Natural Opal is extremely temperature sensitive and brittle, making it fairly costly.

Our designs include a variety of animal styles, as well as beach, vacation, and island jewellery. These are ideal for selling in the Caribbean or to vacationers on a tropical vacation! With Endless Designs in Different styles of White, Pink & Blue Opal wholesale jewelry you will always having a stunning piece in your inventory for the rock hunters!

The Natural Opal Jewelry

When silica-rich water passes through other rocks, it creates voids over time, resulting in creating our so loved opals. When the silica water dries out, it forms the lovely opal gemstone. Any opal gemstone has silica particles organised in a pattern to give it a distinct appearance. This assures that each piece of opal jewellery in our collection is as genuine as possible.

Our collections are made with finest quality opal from all around the world to provide a wide variety to your clients. Our Wholesale Opal Jewelry collection combines the best of our craftsmanship and our crystal hunting skills to deliver a fine range of Opal Jewelry

The opal gemstone has a lot of mystical and magical meanings. One of the most well-known is that it is said to bring good fortune to the wearer. People also believed it to be the lucky diamond to wear. Because opal crystal depicts a wide range of hues, this notion was formed. It was thought to have the properties of each gemstone whose hue it displayed.

You can read more about opal healing at our blog.