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Wholesale Larimar Jewelry Online

Shopping Larimar Jewelry online has never been easier. Larimar – Also known as the “Caribbean Blue Gemstone” or the “Dolphin Gemstone” is all about the blue sky & beach vibes. Officially attached to The Dominican Republic, Larimar, is loved by gem collectors all around the world!

The gemstone was discovered by Miguel. He named the gemstone by taking the first half of his daughter’s name Larissa and combining it with the Spanish word for sea, ‘Mar’ thus creating ‘Larimar.’

Dazzling Larimar gems are in the personal solicitation of many from Larimar necklaces, bracelets and earrings of many popular people, famous glam stars to priests and high-rank people. Larimar comes out as a special stone for any couple’s 22nd Anniversary or a special occasion. Larimar can be given as a promise (promised) gift, birthday gift, as well as a wedding present.

Larimar Healing – Properties

Larimar is an earth-healing stone.  It connects with nature and will counteract imbalances in the earth’s energy. It is recommended to wear a genuine larimar stone ring while meditating. Keeping the physical contact with wearer’s body Larimar soothes the mind and removes blockages and constraints that one might impose on himself or herself.

Larimar tones the Throat Chakra directly and allows one to open up to the world and embrace unconditional love.

Larimar Gemstone Appeal

This true stone of Ocean can be set to any designer jewelry to make it unique & distinctive. Larimar gives off light to darker shades of blue with white swirls or patterns that display a blooming sun over the ocean.

Retailers love keeping larimar jewelry in stock due to its wide demand in form of jewelry or loose stone itself!

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