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Handmade Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry at Wholesale Prices

Premium quality sterling silver jewelry at wholesale prices. We offer a wide array of silver pendants, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and even brass jewelry with superior designs. Whether your style is chic, minimal or bohemian, we’ve got something for you. Each product is hand crafted with love, care and utmost precision by our artisans in India. We believe in forming lasting relationships and hence we are committed to deliver an inexplicable experience and service, worldwide.

Through constant research, we are always striving to bring to you the latest in-trend pieces. Whether its ordering from our catalog of 10000 unique designs or customizing your own, SMGL delivers both.

We are all about using ancients knowledge of jewelry making with modern techniques, our gemstones are carefully sourced and set with premium quality sterling silver to create pieces that enhance the charisma of the wearer and create memorable moments. We are not about the business behind jewelry but all about the emotions behind it.