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Druzy Jewelry For Wholesale

SMGL Provides the one and only platform to select various jewelry timeless pieces made out of Natural Druzy gemstone. With its glittering effect, Druzy definitely comes out as one of the uniquely selected gemstone.

Our jewelry is made affordable for wholesalers and retailers to select and customize their jewellery with all different colors & shapes of vibrant druzy. Mined from all around the world, this druzy is particularly found in brazil before bringing it to our factory to be studded in druzy quartz rings, pendants, earrings etc.

Druzy Quartz Jewelry.

The most common of which is druzy within the agate voids. A huge number of the crystal may be found in the country of Brazil. It is mined mostly in the countries of United States, Europe, South America, Africa, and Mexico. Druzy Quartz refers to a layer of minute quartz crystals that have crystallized on the surface of a quartz based mineral and it gives off a white sugar like appearance (unless dyed) which sure lures all eyes to its wearer.

Druzy Healing

Druzy is great to use in group settings to bring clarity to all and amplify the collective creativity in a relaxed and balanced head space. It supports all zodiac signs and ruling planet of this gemstone is Sun. Furthermore, Druzy also stimulates the heart which is what connects the three lower chakras to the three higher ones making this a very powerful chakra connector. It attunes the heart to the natural pulse of love which prepares the heart for all that it is to face and to keep energy flowing.