How Its Made – 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

Step 1 : Melt & Roll

Though there are different ways to produce it, the overall process is the same. Let’s take a look into what it looks like in our factory where it is produced.

First, 999 Pure Silver bars are melted to liquid and pure silver is combined with 7.5% of the alloy, typically copper as we mentioned before. This is poured into some sort of mold, stainless steel for example, where it cools rapidly and becomes a hard and stiff bar. The bar of metal is then fed through a press made of two rollers multiple times which turns it into 925 silver sheets thickness according to the design of jewelry required to be made.

Step 2: Saw, File & Give shape

The 925 Silver sheets are then first carefully cut with a saw blade (the gemstone is also put inside to roughly measure its size) then the rough edges are filed down given shape according to the jewelry design and then finally it is given a shape using a hammer.

Step 3: Bind & Solder

The shape given silver sheet is then binded with a wire so that it can be soldered. The piece is placed on the fire brick, a solder wire is sniffed off where the piece has to be soldered and the torch is carefully light and used until the item turns light grey. Its then the soldered piece is put in water to cool down.

Step 4: Stone Setting

The Empty Collate of jewelry is set with Gem stones as per liking.

Step 5 : Polish & Quality check

To get the best finishing in jewelry, polishing the piece is a vital part of the process. The pieces are polished by hands using mops placed on barreling tumbler machines or if by machines then using a magnetic tumbler.