Gemstone Guide – everything you need to know about maintain?

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The precious gemstone need to be taken care of on a daily basis so that they remain safe and secure while they’re being stored. Certain gemstones are highly vulnerable and can easily be damaged either due to weather conditions or storage conditions. Some of them change color over time due to prolonged exposure to harsh conditions like chemical abrasion and so forth. 

Many of these precious stones are incredibly soft in nature. They can be easily distressed or experience dangerous conditions like excessive heat, light, radiation, acidic exposure, and so on, which can affect not only the structure but also the integrity of the stone. 

Below is a detailed guide to follow so that the precious stones can be protected from harm and there’s no damage to the gemstones’ attributes.

Caring for your Gem

  • Every individual gemstone needs to be stored separately and never mixed up. The preferred mode of storage is boxes or rolls, which are in turn stored in desks or drawers carefully organized to ensure no direct contact with sunlight, air, or moisture.
  • These precious stones are susceptible and fragile. They need to be handled with care and all necessary precautions. The gemstones can suffer damage with scratches, cuts, or get chipped due to unforeseen circumstances. Hence, it would be best if you handled them with care, either with gloves or dry hands in a temperature-regulated environment.
  • Ensure that the precious stones are stored far away from fields of intense electromagnetic radiations and frequencies so that their energy fields remain unaffected. The energies of the gemstone can be disrupted.
  • Strong chemicals like chlorine can affect the nature of the gemstones, and it is better to be wary while jumping in a swimming pool. Remove and set aside your precious stone because the chlorine can have a harmful effect on the stone.
  • While undergoing any medical tests that involve the use of machines, keep the gemstones away because they can cause unnecessary interference and hamper the smooth functioning.
  • Even while working out in a gym or doing any other high-intensity workout routine, it is always better to remove the gemstone and store it in a safe place.

Apart from the basics to keep them safe and away from harm’s way, the gemstones must be kept clean to promote the longevity of the gems.

4 commonly used methods which can keep the gemstones clean:

Gently cleanse with water

A gemstone can be kept clean, and the safest way to do so is by gently washing with clean water. The water used for this purpose should be at room temperature. Further, the rinses must be given frequently, if not daily, which is at least two-three times a week.

Further, care should be taken so that the water used is neither too hot nor too cold. The duration of the cleanse should be approximately a minute. The best way to do so is by taking a soft and clean cloth to clean the gemstone and keep any impurities away.

Support with plants

Plants are naturally refreshing and prolong the life of gemstones. They can absorb harmful energies and promote harmony through a refresh mode. Gemstones can be wrapped around the plants and left for a few days so that they can be re-energized. This can be repeated two to three times a week to obtain optimum results.

Activation with Salts

The second most popular method for cleaning the gemstones, especially those of the healing variety, is giving them a wash with salts. This method can be similarly used for two-three times in a week. All that needs to be done is to dip the gemstone in a saltwater bath for an hour.

For oceanic gems, make sure to use sea salt and not the table salt variety used in the consumption of foods. The salt bowl may not be changed in every use and can be repeated for the second and third washes in the consecutive weeks.

Adequate exposure to Sunlight

With sunlight, it is essential to exercise caution since over-exposure can result in detrimental effects on the gemstone. The amount of sunshine required for the exposure of the gemstone should be optimum enough so that it doesn’t result in harm or stress to the precious stone. The exposure to sunlight can be sufficiently carried out for one week.

After knowing all about caring for gemstones, the next thing to look at is determining the quality of the gemstones, especially while making purchases of wholesale gemstone jewellery.

Knowing your Gemstones

As a novice or an expert, it is deemed necessary to know all about your gemstones. While making purchases of silver gemstone [1], it is of utmost importance to see the quality of the gemstones that you are investing in.

There is a pretty straightforward way to know the quality and its subsequent elements as well. There are four C’s to be remembered, which are none other than Clarity, Cut, Color, and Carat determination. Gemstone experts and researchers focus on these four critical attributes to evaluate the quality of gemstones used. Similarly, the same factors are used to know the quality of diamonds too.

These parameters are used to judge the quality and longevity of the gemstone. They are observed as standalone features or even in combination with other factors to know the true value of the gemstones. Apart from the four C’s, the origin and the nature of treatments used to clean or store the gemstones also play an integral part in knowing the gemstones’ quality.

Even if you are not a seasoned consumer and have no experience in purchasing gemstones, knowing the thumb rule of the 4 C’s can take you a long way in gaining deeper insights into the quality of gemstones used in designing ornaments of silver and gold. 

Wholesale gemstone jewellery is a massive segment of the marketplace that is continually evolving with time and as per the preferences of smart consumers.

Final Thoughts

The primary issue which is on the minds of all consumers today is the eco-friendly nature of their purchases. They’re constantly questioning their choices to know for a fact that they are not harming the environment. Making the environment devoid of natural resources is not desirable and certainly not an option in today’s times.

What we need today are resources that are sustainable and can be replenished. Being a responsible consumer includes transparency and honesty through responsible sourcing of resources. To avoid the implications on a large scale, it is necessary to be well informed and aware of your purchases.

Wholesale gemstone jewelleryis the need of the hour, and once you are aware of the source, place of origin, and quality of gemstones used, you can rest assured that you are not duped into buying inferior quality goods. Trust is built on a steady understanding of the value and quality of the gemstones. So, make a purchase only after an informed opinion. 

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