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5 Reasons Why Natural Gemstone Jewellery is Better than Synthetic Stone Jewellery

The world of gemstone jewelry is loaded up with wholesale gemstone rings, necklaces earrings and other special/unique items made utilizing a variety of stunning gemstones. Some are made with natural gemstones while others are designed with man-made other options like synthetic jewelry.

Synthetic Jewellery or Natural Gemstone Jewelry? This question has been going around the Jewelry industry for quite sometime.

Today’s entrepreneurs worldwide are investing in wholesale silver gemstone jewelry. The prime reason behind it is that the prices of natural gemstones have the potential to increase in value with time. Other than this, gemstones have the ability to maintain their value in the midst of fluctuations in currency value or a dip in the real share market.

First of all, let’s understand what exactly is a natural gemstone and synthetic gemstone.

Natural Gemstone 

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Gemstones that are formed through natural process have a specific mineral composition. The makeover with the help of polishing and more steps is what give the gemstone it’s unique color and clarity. These are considered ‘natural gemstones’ as they are formed under great pressure and heat usually by tectonic plates moving under each other in the earth’s surface.

Synthetic Gemstone

Synthetic gemstone is made of man-made materials, mostly acrylic, but also polyester resins, marble dust and other materials.Even though they are synthesised in a laboratory in such a way that their mineral composition is almost identical to a natural gemstone. Hence, sometimes they are even considered to be real because of the identical mineral composition.

How to tell them apart?

As Natural Gemstones and Synthetic Gemstones have identical mineral composition, it is impossible for someone without the proper equipment or training to tell the difference just by a glance. Even though these differences are invisible to the naked eye, professional laboratories have tests to identify synthetic gemstones vs natural gemstones.

Here are five reasons why you should go for natural gemstone jewelry over synthetic gemstone jewelry:


Most people believe natural gemstones to be a more costly alternative. Not only would natural gemstones be reasonable and practically identical in cost to synthetic gemstones, but its versatility proves to be cost-effective over time. Synthetic gemstone jewelry, then again, requires occasional replacement and costly repairs. Meanwhile, natural gemstone jewelry will last a lifetime.

Return of Investment:

Natural gemstone has an exceptional return on your investment when it comes time to sell your home. Granite positions extremely high on a normal purchaser’s list of things to get. Synthetic gemstones won’t be as appealing to certain purchasers.


Nothing can reach the shine and profundity of a natural gemstone or a genuine rock. Synthetic gemstones are just impersonations of natural gemstones. Since granite is a natural stone, no two ledges are alike. Your ledge will have a unique design and pattern. Color selection for regular stonesare commonly broader. With man-made items, a specific color is created the very same every time.


Synthetic gemstone jewelry are vulnerable to heat, dents, discoloration and scratches. Natural Gemstones are naturally hard and strong, and offers a high level of resistance to staining, scratching and heat.

Environmental Impact:

Made principally from non-inexhaustible assets, the creation and assembling of synthetic gemstone jewelry are extremely energy-concentrated, and the materials are not recyclable. Naturalgemstone jewelry, then again, are madeof Mother Nature’s unique “green” building material which are 100% recyclable.

Know What You Are Paying For!

As a buyer, you have the right to know whether you are purchasing a natural gemstone jewelry or a synthesized gemstone jewelry. With SMGL-925 Sterling Silver Jewelry, you won’t have to worry about a gemstone’s authenticity. We are the wholesale gemstone manufacturers of natural gemstone jewelry. Through constant research, we are always striving to bring you genuine and in-trend natural wholesale gemstone jewelry.

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