Why Jewelry Turns Skin Green and Tips to Avoid It

Have you ever had a piece of jewelry that turns your skin green if you wear it for a long time? Do you wonder why this happens?

The reason this happens is because of the jewelry’s metal content, it’s either a result of a reaction between your skin and the jewelry or another substance on your skin, such as, a moisturizer with the metal.

Why Does Your Jewelry Turn Your Skin Green?

Here are some reasons why your jewelry is turning your skin green:

  • Abrasive Not Removed Properly

During the manufacturing of your jewelry, abrasives might have been used to clean it.

If the abrasive was not taken out or cleaned properly before you wear your new jewelry, it could leave an imprint on your finger.

You can remove the remaining abrasive from your ring by giving it a brisk clean before wearing it or try buying wholesale sterling silver jewelry from India where it is manufactured carefully.

  • Acidity Level of Your Body

The ring you borrowed from your friend turned your finger green, however it didn’t turn her finger green.

Metals respond differently to the chemicals in our individual bodies.

  • Patina Layer

Metals made by blending copper and zinc together causes a slight layer of “patina” when it is oxidized. And then when you wear it, the shading moves over leaving a greenish stain on your skin.

Luckily, you can easily fix this by plating them or applying a coat of clear lacquer on them.

  • Cheap Metal Content in Your Jewelry

One of the significant drawbacks of the jewelry industry is that it is full of feigned products.

Unfortunately, you may purchase a piece of jewelry, thinking it is high-quality gold, but later come to find out that it is only gold plated.

Once the gold plating wears off and exposes the base metal, it may cause a chemical reaction that may stain your skin with a green color.

Similarly, high-end pieces of jewelry may also turn your skin green if they consist of metal alloys with a significant amount of metals like copper, nickel, or silver.

Is The Green Stain On Your Skin Dangerous For You?

While the darkening of your skin can be very frightening, it actually has no adverse effect on your body. 

There is no harmful effect on the body except that the fingers are colored.

What Metals Turn Your Skin Green?

  • Copper

One of the most widely recognized metals known to turn your skin green is copper. This metal oxidizes in wet or sticky conditions to shape copper oxide, which is liable for turning skin green.

Then again, some jewelry producers use copper to reinforce and make them more solid.

Depending upon the amount of copper content utilized, it promptly discolors, causing green stain on your skin.

  • Nickel

Nickel metal is a pervasive metal allergen among numerous individuals with delicate skin.

It likewise stains your skin with a green tone. In any case, you may encounter some irritation alongside skin staining.

Numerous jewelry manufacturers encourage purchasers to avoid jewelry that contains nickel since they regularly cause hypersensitive responses.

Some regular hypersensitive responses include skin redness, irritation, skin rashes, and in serious cases, you may discover discharge develop in your skin.

  • Alloys

Different combinations make jewelry. Contingent upon the metal piece, jewelry metals with copper, nickel, or authentic silver promptly respond or oxidize to frame the green film on your skin.

Nonetheless, bits of jewelry with rhodium plating don’t stain the skin.

Notwithstanding, the rhodium plating will in general wear off after some time, uncovering the base metals, which may, eventually, stain your skin.

  • Brass & Bronze

Despite their affordable nature, jewelry made from copper alloys, like bronze and brass jewelry, are known to turn skin green.

Bronze jewelry consists of copper and tin, while brass jewelry mainly contains copper and zinc metals.

The copper content in the metals reacts with body lotions, perfumes, and excess sweat on your body, causing it to oxidize and change its color.

Real silver is a valuable metal utilized in the creation of jewelry since ancient times.

Jewelry produced using sterling silver contains at any rate 7.5% of copper. Unadulterated silver is accessible in fluid structure.

Thus, gemstone manufacturers mix or compound the unadulterated silver with another metal, fundamentally copper; to expand its functionality and strength, hence, when you’re buying silver jewelry from India it is really important to buy from genuine manufacturers when you buy wholesale jewelry in India.

How to Get Rid Of the Green Stain from Your Skin?

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You’ve been wearing your newly purchased jewelry for days, but as soon as you take it off you see a green stain on your skin.

Now, how can you get rid of this green color from your skin?

  • Make sure to clean your skin properly

As soon as you see the mark, make sure that you clean your skin properly.

The longer you wait to clean it, the longer it will take to remove the pigmentation.

  • Use Warm Soapy Water On the Affected Area

Apply warm soapy water on the affected area. You can use a scrub or a loofah to gently scrub the stain off.

If it doesn’t vanishes or gets smaller after several tries try adding a few drops of liquid soap on your loofah and continue scrubbing.

  • Don’t Panic & Be Patient

Even if the mark doesn’t go after all this, you’ll have to be patient and wait for your skin to regenerate.

This will cause the mark to eventually disappear.

How to Avoid It?

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When serious pigmentation forms, it could be hard to remove.

For this situation, the main thing that should be possible is to trust that your skin will eventually regenerate.

This takes a couple of days before it inevitably vanishes.

The best practice is to execute these deterrent measures to avoid this from occurring in the beginning itself.

  • Use A Polymer Barrier

A useful answer to keep your jewelry from turning your skin green is by utilizing a polymer barrier.

Polymer barriers are explicitly intended to seal the bit of jewelry that causes skin staining, forestalling any your skin from turning green.

Applying the polymer barrier once can keep your skin from turning green for up to two months. In fact, you can apply the polymer barrier as regularly as you wish.

  • Try to Keep Your Skin Dry

Remove your jewelry when you are going for some water-related activities or during activities when you are likely to sweat, for example, while going for a vigorous workout.

Metals don’t mix well with liquids. Even if you sweated while wearing your jewelry, make sure to take it off and wipe your skin properly.  The pH in your sweat will react with the metal and ultimately cause discoloration.

Even when you go for swimming of to take a shower, you should remove your jewelry beforehand. And if the jewelry gets wet, clean it dry before putting it back on.

  • Keep Your Jewelry Clean

Make sure to keep your jewelry clean. Cleaning your jewelry properly will help it in removing residuals of abrasives and patina and will prevent your skin from discoloration.

You can use a DIY baking soda paste to clean your jewelry 

Mix 1:1 baking soda and water until it is in a paste-like form. 

Put the paste onto a soft cloth or cotton and polish the inner side of your jewelry.

  • Store Your Jewelry Properly

Putting away your jewelry appropriately in a dry and dull climate away from components will shield your jewelry from responding with air and dampness – key components that will rapidly discolor your jewelry.

The absolute worst spot to store jewelry is on a jewelry stand in the washroom.

The dampness and steam from your washroom will make your jewelry discolor incredibly rapidly.

  • Try To Buy Hypoallergenic Jewelry

Hypoallergenic jewelry is jewelry made from metals that are less likely to cause an allergic reaction among people with sensitive skin.

Some hypoallergenic jewelry metals include high karat gold, stainless steel, platinum, titanium, niobium, palladium, and tungsten carbide, among many others.

These types of jewelry are gaining vast popularity worldwide and are available in several unique and modern designs. Try our wholesale gemstone jewelry!


wholesale gemstone jewelry

Prior to purchasing any jewelry, you need to ensure it is okay to wear them for long duration.

Abstain from buying jewelry metals that turn your skin green like those discussed in this article. But even if you own such jewelry, there are ways we discussed you can keep them from turning your skin green.

Yet, fine jewelry like sterling silver and 18K gold can likewise turn your skin green contingent upon numerous variables like the component of your gems and your body’s chemistry.

It’s imperative to figure out how to take care of your jewelry with the goal that you can prevent your skin from turning green whenever you wear your sterling silver adjustable rings.

Now that you know the technicalities of why your jewelry is turning your skin green and how to avoid it, take a look at our wholesale silver gemstone jewelry!

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