Gemstones for Love – Gemstones that bring Romance to Life

Are you unable to find your soul mate? Or is there trouble in Paradise? Here’s the solution!

“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.”- Nicolas Spark, a Walk to Remember.

The true meaning of love is beautifully incorporated within the quote above. It is not something that can be seized, conquered or forced. It can be defined only when you’re actually experiencing it in your life. Some of us get that love too early and some are still waiting, it’s all about the right timing.

By experiencing life, communicating love for yourself as well as others, through your words, thoughts, actions, and intentions, you can encounter a day to day existence loaded up with love, joy, and satisfaction.

And since us muggles can’t understand or use love potions or magic, we most definitely can use energy. Gems are strong tools that emit a natural energy. Even if you don’t believe in them, it doesn’t hurt to put one on your finger, your wrist or on your table.

All we need is some love luck and for that here are some gemstones and silver jewelry from India that can bring you luck and spice things up in your ongoing or upcoming Love Life!

Why Use Gems for Love Luck?

“Crystals are basically expressions of chemical energy, rather than having energy. One can say they ARE energy.” Aza Derman, Paleontology and Metaphysical Specialist at the Astro Gallery of Gem

Normal gemstones are incredible to such an extent that meta-physicians and healers since the beginning have utilized them to modify the progression of energy in the physical world.

Every gemstone has a character and energy remarkable unto it. A similar way that the energy inside gemstones can be moved to our chakras to mend infirmities and torments, energies of specific gems can be utilized to draw in things known to mankind — things like love, achievement and wealth.

Each gemstone radiates a different and unique kind of energy. Depending on their unique vibrations, crystal energy can be harnessed for protection, confidence, luck, wealth, happiness, and yes — for love.

Love comes in numerous shapes and structures. Thus, regardless of whether you’re feeling contemptible hoping to advance self esteem, single hoping to draw in a drawn out accomplice, hitched hoping to zest things up, a parent hoping to fabricate further associations with your kids, or a companion hoping to mend a fracture — gems can help.

Obviously, no gem will land you your optimal date or assurance to fix a faltering relationship, however precious love stones and crystals will without a doubt assist with opening up your heart and equate your own energies and fill in as a steady token of improving as an individual to give and get love.

For instance, wearing a rose quartz ring may not pull in your mystery crush to fall head over heels for you, however its soft, delicate energy can make you more responsive, and emphatically sway the manner in which you interact with others, which can help you further with getting and draw in affection.

Now, let’s uncover some gemstone to attract love that will bring luck into your love life that you can easily find gemstone jewelry through silver wholesalers:

  1. Rose Quartz – the ultimate love stone crystal

Rose Quartz is a famous beautification gemstone and is otherwise called ‘Love Quartz’ or ‘Bohemian Ruby’. The shade of this gemstone may go from pale pink to profound ruddy pink. Rose Quartz stone meaning is that it helps in raising confidence and to draw in affection in an individual’s life. Rose Quartz is likewise valued for its beautification powers. It is an all purpose stone with the energy of compassion and peace. Rose Quartz has been used as a love token since as early as 600 BC.

You have to love yourself first, before you can attract love to your life. If you’re looking for love in various aspects of your life, this is the stone for you. Do check out our site if you’re looking for Rose Quartz for sale.

It’s alleviating and quieting energy or the rose aura enters the heart chakra promoting sympathy, empathy, consideration, and absolution which brings down pressure developed in the chakra, getting out negative feelings, for example, outrage, disdain, envy, sharpness and then some. In this way, for instance, whenever somebody bumps into you accidently, you may act with much less irritation than previously, as you’ll be wearing, working with or carrying rose quartz. You can wear it as ring, pendant or a bracelet.

Rose quartz can be utilized to explore the complexities of various aspects of love, regardless of whether it be to build your self-esteem, recuperate a family rift, emerge from a messed up relationship, let go of a psychological damage, retouch old injuries or excuse and acknowledge.

  • Green Aventurine – to spice things up

Green Aventurine is commonly known to bring success and good luck. The owners of such mineral also believed that the metaphysical properties of green aventurine stone can bring prosperity to your life through opportunities, wealth, and relationships. Aventurine name is inspired by an Italian word called “A venture”, which means “by chance”, and is also called the Stone of Opportunity.

According to Hall, “this is a more mature stone for more mature stages of love, inviting passion into the lives of those of more mature years and enabling love to be ongoing.” Aventurine can be a mature stone for your post-college relationship. The same way copper turns green when it’s weathered; this stone is for weathering the ups and downs of your long-term relationship, according to green aventurine’s spiritual meaning.

Green aventurine will comfort, protect, and harmonize the heart. But aside from that, it helps in attracting love later in life. If you’re contemplating the seriousness of your relationship, then green aventurine will sustain coherence in your relationship throughout the transmission. 

  • Pink Topaz – to find you soul mate

Pink topaz gemstone can assist you with finding the genuine article, and as indicated by Hall this pink mystic topaz is more helpful in finding real love — that won’t be transitory or burn out with the difference in the seasons. Fundamentally, it’s your “young lady stone”. It’s the one you put resources into when you’re prepared to quit fooling around and quit putting resources into each one of those contrary individuals you’ve been drawing in.

Gem specialists additionally trust that the natural pink topaz has lunar associations, its tone and force fluctuating in association with the moon’s cycle. Like diverse moon cycles, each shade of topaz can inspire an alternate energy and reason.

Ever wondered how to find true love? Well, here you go. From, ancient times it has been believed that this stone can bring true love and success to your life.

  • Ruby – for a decadent romance

Known as the stone of respectability and boldness, you’ll regularly observe rubies being enhanced by eminence. A stone of certainty, force, dedication and trustworthiness, Ruby gemstone is a great stone to wear when you need to fabricate a solid establishment for your present relationship.

Ruby is additionally connected with sentimental love, enthusiasm, and endurance. Indeed, ruby is a stone of the root chakra and advances sexy energy and want. It can assist with heightening and extend the connection among you and your accomplice and is likewise ruby stone ring is used as a wedding stone in certain societies.

So there you have it. Our all time favorite Love Stones! Feel free to share your favorite Gemstones or Love Stones with us.

Love and Light always.

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