How to sell your jewellery: Organize a Home Jewellery Party

Especially with the Internet, starting up an online store is quite common and makes things much easier today. But another way to sell your home made jewellery is to make it into a social event and hold home jewellery parties.

The good thing about holding these parties is that you’re able to interact with your customers, and may even be able take on customized orders to suit their colour or style preference. It may even help you get over that creative block you had while looking at your kit. It also benefits the buyers as some of them may feel more comfortable buying in person rather than via the Internet. It’s always an excitement to meet the artist behind those beautiful creations. Plus a home party is also a casual and relaxed way to meet people, which may even encourage repeat purchases.

Here are a few simple suggestions on how to prepare for and organize a home jewellery party.

  • You can choose to have the party at your home or at a friend’s home. Make it a simple tea party on a weekend with coffee and cake, or sandwiches. It doesn’t need to be elaborate because the highlights are your creations.
  • Invite friends and tell them to spread the word by bringing their other female family and friends along. People take more notice especially if your own friends have previously worn your creations at work or events.
  • Prepare display stands or pieces to put up your jewellery designs beforehand. If you can’t afford to purchase displays, you can even make your own on simple corrugated or plain cardboard taped together in a cone-shape for necklaces or bracelets, while earrings can be put on a home-made wire frame. Be sure to put in a little effort into your display style, as it will convey how proud you are of your creations.
  • If you’re organizing the party at a friend’s place, arrive half an hour before the stipulated time to set up your creations.
  • Start a little guestbook that can also double up as a mailing list for future designs. Your newly made friends can leave comments and brickbats, as well as leave their contact numbers or email in this book.
  • Make business cards to give out at the party, so they can contact you if they want to make customizable orders.
  • Make sure you are selling the jewellery on display on the spot. Most guests won’t want to wait a week, and go to home jewellery parties expecting to go home with their purchases immediately.
  • Prepare little bags or boxes for the jewellery which guests can take them home in, if they don’t decide to wear their purchases immediately.
  • Be prepared to accept different modes of payment – cash, checks or credit card.
  • Don’t forget to keep a photographed collection of your designs.
  • Reward your party hostess with one of your creations.
  • If you’re only just starting out, and don’t have many pieces yet, you can also organize a joint party with another friend or family who also makes jewellery as a hobby to showcase and sell her pieces alongside yours.
  • Just have fun. Watching and talking with people who appreciate your creations is a delight and will even motivate you to make more.

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