Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry from India

When we hear the term Sterling silver jewelry it automatically comes in our mind about the royal times. Silver jewelry is in trend since ages now. And it reminds us of be the queen of jewels. It can just be fused with anything.
Sterling silver jewelry matches every attire whether it’s western or traditional.  In India silver is the most used metal in terms of jewelry. And silver jewelry from India is loved by tourists. For jewelry Jaipur is the hottest destinations and it’s also known as the hub of silver jewelry.

There are many silver jewelry stores and shops to which tourists can pay their visit for their desired jewel or gemstones. The marketplace of silver jewelry are high. In such marketplace one needs to differ from the other. 
Every jewelry trader is different from others and we at SMGL manufacture our jewelry in house and it’s all handmade by our craftsman. Our aim is to provide jewelry at wholesale price with utmost quality. We tend to create designer pieces which sets us apart from other traders.

Jaipur- The Pinkcity, Hub of Silver jewelry

Jaipur is known for its famous historical architecture and it’s a famous tourist destination globally and not to forget it is the hub of silver jewelry. This beautiful traditional city offers tourists to experience its rich culture, historic monuments, forts, etc. and also the famous shopping markets. And Silver jewelry from India has a rich history, as well as an underlying decadence that has influenced many different styles of jewelry – even modern and contemporary ones.

Jaipur has a reputation for jewelry markets, handicrafts, and traditional outfits all around the world. There is so much business opportunity here because of the skilled craftsmen, laborers present here. And Jaipur is also known as the gemstone capital of the world and has one of the best Jewelry traders.

Why Silver Jewelry is so popular?

Jewelry has been the most valuable and integral part of ornamentation for ages, it has become more centered on women nowadays. In ancient times bones are used for ornamentation, people used to create the design from the bones and by fusing it with gold and silver later on.  For creating jewelry, Silver has always been the most important metal for ages due to its affordability.  Silver jewelry is so popular due to its anti-ineffective antibacterial agent.

From ages, silver ornaments, utensils and coins are being made from silver. It’s now considered as precious as gold. The word Silver is derived from the words siolfor and seolfor in Anglo-Saxon literature. In German language, the silver metal is referred to as silbir and silabar.

There are different styles of silver jewelry from India that are suited to different regions. The styles of silver jewelry do not only differ by region but also did change along with the ruling empires. Each emperor has been a muse for a different type of silver jewelry, whether is carved, mixed with gemstones, or made out of more or less luxurious materials.

Inspired from history we embrace our Sterling silver jewelry and our designers of silver jewelry tend to create designs that that people would love and how it will add brilliance to your shine. From ages silver jewelry from India is exported worldwide and it’s also loved by different ages of people. Sterling silver jewelry from India is popular with both consumers and designers, because of its accessibility and variety, it’s a fantastic choice to upgrade your personal jewelry collection.

Why SMGL is the best store to buy Silver jewelry from India

At SMGL we manufacture premium quality 925 silver jewelry and we are in the wholesale silver jewelry business since 1967. We design our jewelry according to the latest trends and with Indian fusion. We manufacture sterling silver necklaces, sterling silver pendants, sterling silver rings, and sterling silver bracelets. The desirable factor for Silver jewelry is its compatibility with a varied range of attires whether it’s formal or informal. We have a wide variety of wholesale silver jewelry. Each product is handcrafted with love, care, and utmost precision by our artisans in India. 

We deploy silver jewelry online on our website at affordable prices. Our main segment is manufacturing 925 sterling silver jewelry. Demand of silver jewelry from India is high now, due to the rise in demand we have expanded ourselves to accomplish customer’s desire.

We strive for customer satisfaction. Our main motive is to create happiness through our silver jewelry. SMGL specializes in jewelry made with Swarovski Crystal. We sell at the lowest prices.

What sets us apart from other sellers is that we select our gemstones by ourselves for the best quality and then set in 925 Sterling silver for a refined finish.  Our jewelry is elegantly crafted and perfectly designed.

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