5 stunning oxidized jewelry for you!

Jewelry is loved by each and every woman. Whether it’s gold, platinum, or silver jewelry it has its own fan base. In recent years oxidized jewelry also created a lot of buzz because of its unique look and it is also cost-effective in comparison to other metals like silver or gold.

India is famous for diversity, we have different cultures, different styles, and different fashion tastes and because of this jewelry is always loved by every region. In India, oxidized jewelry is mainly found in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Chotanagpur Plateau among the Bhils, Santhals, and Gonds, over the centuries. There are many wholesale silver jewelry manufacturers present in these cities.

Oxidized silver is used for thousands of years. In ancient times people used to make vessels, coins, lamps, candlesticks, body armor, musical instruments from oxidized silver. Oxidization is a natural process that happens when silver combines with oxygen and results in an oxide or an antique finish. To produce oxidized jewelry in different colors like pink, green, yellow, white alloys are mixed such as copper, zinc, and nickel.    

Oxidized jewelry comes in varieties such as necklaces, earrings, anklets, chains, rings, etc. to make it more beautiful enameling, stonework, and delicate carving are done.   

Style Yourself with Oxidized Jewlery

The desirable factor for oxidized jewelry is its compatibility with a varied range of attires. From traditional wears like saree paired with necklaces to formal outfits accessorized with simple stud earrings, oxidized jewelry has its impact almost anywhere. It is loved by many consumers from ethnic to modern. Even it has become a statement among celebrities like Aditi Rao Hydari, Rani Mukherjee, and Sonam Kapoor, who wore it at the Cannes Film Festival. Like them, you can also make a statement by wearing the oxidized jewelry with your different attires.

1. Hoops with a Jacket or a Shirt

Oxidized jewelry is the latest trend. You can create a stunning look by pairing hoops with your western outfits. There are many ways to wear these with different dresses.

If you love to wear comfortable clothes and want to be a fashionista you can try wearing Hoops with off-shoulder dresses or tops, with shirts. It will definitely give you a trendy look.

Try these Blue Topaz Hoops from our store for a more fashionable look. You can simply wear these with different outfits.

2. Oxidized Bracelet to create buzz

Women always try to wear jewelry to create a statement and look beautiful in whatever jewelry she is carrying from necklaces to bracelets. Bracelets have become a chief jewelry item for women in all parts of the world. Oxidized bracelets are the most fashionable than silver or gold. 

You can pair them with a top and jeans as well as with suits. However, the charm of oxidized bracelets increases when you wear them with denim clothes. To make a chic statement pair oxidized bracelet with skinny jeans and a Kurti. This look is very much in trend. As a matter of fact, B-town actress Rani Mukherjee has been spotted a couple of times wearing such attire.

3. Desi style Necklace

For most of the Indian girls, Salwar kameez and Kurtis are the main outfits for special events. If you are among one of these then you should definitely wear oxidized necklace with them. It is one of the most loved styles in India.

You can also pair these types of necklaces with blazers and skirts if you want to stand out from the crowd.  Movie actress and fashion bloggers usually carry this style and it’s always appealing.

4. Bohemian Beauty

Boho look or bohemian look is mostly on-trend. Wearing a bohemian top for a cultural night-out will create a long-lasting impressing, especially when it is accessorized with oxidized silver jewelry. The most common oxidized jewelry that is worn by women is Rings. From enamel rings to gemstone oxidized rings go well with every other outfit.

You can wear a single ring or a pair of small rings both will give you a boho look. Oxidized rings are the most affordable jewelry pieces and also most eye-catching.

5. Make a statement with Oxidized Pendant and earrings

Oxidized earrings somewhat look like silver earrings. They do not cost much but still look amazing. They go out with almost every outfit from sarees to rip jeans. There are a variety of oxidized earrings available in the market but rajwadi style earrings look the best. They look royal and go with suits, saree, jeans, and every outfit.

You can pair Oxidized earrings with pendants they don’t really need to match. Mix and match oxidized jewelry makes a great combination.

Go ahead and try ethnic silver jewelry or boho jewelry with western attires and create a statement all around. But don’t forget that less is more, don’t try to use every piece at a single time. Try to select one piece at a time.

At SMGL we have a variety of wholesale silver gemstone jewelry and oxidized jewelry you can experiment with. Try them and shine!

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