How to Start Working with Wholesale Silver Gemstone Jewelry

Silver jewels are found in a variety of designs and form a category of statement jewelry among the young and old alike. The designs can be of contemporary or traditional form and easily blend with the recent trends. The demand for wholesale silver gemstone jewelry has seen an increase in the market. It comes a close second to only gold jewels. 

Whether it is a fashion statement or of familial history, silver jewelry is here to stay. The choice is versatile and can be blended in with both traditional and modern attires. There are antique and contemporary pieces available as per your need and requirement. Options are many and more, it all depends upon your preferences.

Silver Ornaments- Unique and Diverse

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Gold has always been the envy of the lot and the most preferred choice for many. Amidst the crowd of gold supporters, silver stands out in essence because of the many properties. The following properties make it stand apart:

  • Being light in weight, silver jewelry can be easily worn for extended periods of time without feeling the brunt of the accessories.
  • Silver metal is known for its resilience and ability to withstand extreme pressure. The tensile strength of the metal is high.
  • The jewelry is an affordable choice and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Being a stylish option, it can be adorned as a fashion accessory depending upon the occasion.
  • Flexibility of the silver metal is useful in the property that it can be molded into different types of jewelry at ease.
  • Silver jewelry is usually hypoallergic; hence, it doesn’t pose an issue to people prone to allergies.

Silver Jewels: Budget-Conscious Fashion Statement

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People have developed a budget-conscious outlook when it comes to adorning jewelry and accessorizing on a daily basis. They rather wear jewelry that is easy on the pocket than the ones, which costs them their savings or turns out to be an expensive bauble.

The economic aspect is high on the list while buying jewelry. People always prefer wholesale silver gemstone jewelry because of the price tag and the wide variety of options that come along with it. 

Another primary concern of the buyers is purity. The hallmark of .925 is indicative of the 92.5% level of purity. Further, the shoppers prefer that the jewels are free from nickel and lead so that they can be safely used and worn.

While affordability is an important attribute, another factor that should not be compromised is quality.

Consumers have demands which are fulfilled on the backbone of quality. Even if the prices are low, they expect high quality. Every design has a price tag attached to it. The intricate ones have a higher cost but still lacking in comparison to the exorbitant price of gold jewelry.

Perennial Fashion Trends in Silver Jewelry 

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Globally, artists and designers have been continuously on the lookout to curate pieces of jewelry that are exquisite and trendy. A major highlight in the designs is the emphasis on the trends, which are classic and timeless. The designs are evolved and can be reinvented depending upon the continually changing preferences of the women wearing them.

Here is a list of beautiful trends that can never grow old:

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Silver necklaces come in two different varieties, namely the choker and collar variant. The emergence of this particular trend has seen the advent of newer designs that are decorated with embellishments and gemstones. Depending upon the style of the attire, you can pick between the two and make a fashion statement. With a clear transition in the fashion trends, people have more exquisite details woven with intricate artwork and cuts of the precious stones used

There are layers and links which form a stunning pattern to give you a luxuriant feel and experience. The chokers also come with charms that add splendor to the look. You can choose the charms to be added, making it a personal style statement. Depending upon your preference, you can add the details either in the center or on the sides so that a personal touch is imparted to the jewels.

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A much-needed twist in the arena of earrings is the ear cuff, which doesn’t require any form of commitment in the way of ear piercings. Ear cuffs are here to stay and add a touch of elegance or sophistication, depending upon the design. Further, they form the perfect accompaniment to your dress and can be worn with any hairstyle. An added advantage of cuffs is that they can be worn on any part of the ear to reflect a different style or look.

Further, oversized earrings are also a preferred style choice so that you can look peppy and not spend a bomb on the look. The longer varieties are the perfect picks to dazzle your colleagues and friends to become the talk of the town. They can add a vibrant edge to your outfit depending upon the design and the number of details in the collection.

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Silver jewels have time and again been redesigned to fit into the style look book. One such design is the charms bracelet. The charms can be chosen by you and added or removed depending upon your preference. Even the types of charms used for decorative purposes can be selected and added as per your mood and the reigning style of the season. 

You can even design silver charms to make it a custom-made mold. The charms may or may not have gemstones added in. Further, charms make for an excellent gifting option and can be styled according to the person’s preference.

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Whether you are a jewelry lover or no, you would have worn a ring or two at least once in your life. Fashionistas are known for their quirky taste and will be able to set the mood of the party with their pieces. The silver rings, if not classy, will be oversized and available in vivid colors so that you can make your presence felt. 

Artistically, the pieces will grab attention due to their abstract nature and design. Going with the flow, you can choose to be artsy or traditional, especially when you are in a mood for festivities. The ensemble also helps you in making a choice. If you are wearing a cocktail gown, you can choose a minimalist design or a bold one depending upon your inclinations. 

If you have always been a trendsetter and being chic is more of choice, you can play around with any of the above decisions. You can easily invest in wholesale silver gemstone jewelry to set the tone of your ensemble.

Shopping Tips For The Ultimate Diva

To make a wise decision, you should always be privy to a series of tried and tested tips that can help you shop better. Since the digital world has paved the way to the world of online shopping, here is a guide to let you know more about your options and the things to consider while shopping for wholesale silver gemstone jewelry online.

  • Be a well-aware buyer

Only when you are confused or have limited knowledge about a particular domain, you end up making wrong decisions. In turn, the wrong choice destroys your chances of owning authentic pieces of jewelry, and you can easily be duped into buying fake stuff online at a higher price.

So, in order to prevent yourself from falling into the traps of strangers, you need to be able to make an informed decision. Once you are well aware of the jewels, right from the measurement units to the quality, you can make an informed decision on your own. You need not be dependent on others and can understand better on your own. Hence, if the width of a bangle or a bracelet is mentioned, you are not unaware and can easily make out the size for the purchase.

  • Always emphasize the purity standards

The .925 hallmark is a vital marking that should be present on all of the silver jewelry, especially the ones claiming to be made of sterling silver. The hallmark is evidence of the purity of the silver used in making the jewels. 92.5% purity is indicative of the amount of silver used in the composition. The rest of the material, which is 7.5%, constitutes alloys and other metals. 

The authenticity of the silver jewels is verified by the mark and is prominently seen in the pieces, whether it is the rings or the bracelets. Ensure that your purchase item comes along with the certificate of purity to confirm that the standard is high and the quality is maintained.

  • Knowledge of your retailer

While buying wholesale silver gemstone jewelry, you should have in-depth knowledge about all the aspects of the purchase, including the reseller. Making bulk purchases puts you at risk of either receiving faulty items or fake jewels, which can put a dent in your purchase value and also make it a bitter experience. When you make online purchases, you are not allowed to see the jewels face-to-face putting you at a greater risk of getting a defective consignment.

In order to avoid any future issues, make it a point to do thorough research of the retailer and his/her business so that there is no loss on your end. Once you have factual details and reviews of other people to rely upon, you can easily decide upon making the purchase.

Brand reputation helps a great deal in making a final decision since you do not have to think twice and can place the order without the fear of losing out on quality. The central point of satisfaction is when you have actually able to settle a fantastic deal with an established retailer. Hence, you get value on the purchase and also develop a trusted relationship with the retailer for future purchases, if any.  

  • Pay attention to the description

Whenever you make an online purchase, it is essential to know everything about the product, right from its look to the type of design. Nobody wants to be stuck with a jewel different from the one shown online. Most of the scams which happen online are due to the fact that you have inadequate information about the jewels, and they look nothing like the pictures or the online description.

People purchasing wholesale silver gemstone jewelry are stuck in the loop of whether they should rely on the information provided online. Usually, they take a leap of faith and are dealt with fake items of lower value than promised, which affects their confidence and the credibility of the brand too.

  • Credibility of the brand

A brand image and value are not built overnight. It takes a long time to make a name and then even longer to retain the customers. Once both of the factors are met, and the purpose is fulfilled, you can rest assured that the purchase is authentic and valuable. Words cannot determine the actual value, and one needs to try to be sure of the purchase.

Brand trust is dependent upon the customers and the long-term goals of the retailer. If they do not want to build value, they will sell jewels of lower quality and charge customers higher, which is a fraud. Hence, relying upon the quality of the jewels is dependent mainly on the word of the retailer. If they are genuine and believe in establishing a relationship with their buyers, then you have made the right choice, and if not, you will learn a lesson.

Wrapping Up

Silver jewelry comes in ethnic and modern types and can be viewed in the catalog of designs and recent trends. People have shifted their mindset from gold and believe in silver jewels, whether they are antique or not. The vintage quality is imparted by shopping for silver jewels, which have a heritage feel and a note of legacy of traditions handed down from generations.

As a wise buyer, you are faced with a whole range of varieties to choose from, and you can buy the wholesale silver gemstone jewelry from the retail space of your choice. Iconic or not, silver jewelry has created a lasting impression.

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