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Whether you are looking for the right color to match your outfit, searching for jewellery set with a specific birthstone, or even trying to get that special gift for someone special, you can find it at SMGL.

What would an outfit be without the right pair of jewellery? In today’s world fashion is so versatile, everyone is aware of their taste or what suits them best. Everyday there are new trends to discover whether they are cloths or accessories. Through SMGL everyone can rest assured to find the perfect piece of gemstone jewellery which eventually becomes their favorite accessory.  The beauty of Fashion is that you don’t have to commit yourself to a look for a lifetime, you can always reinvent yourself.

Access to wholesale gemstone jewellery today is easier than ever, thanks to online shopping. You can have your hands on your favorite gemstone jewellery through wholesale jewellery suppliers from the comfort of your home, around the globe.

Shop for Sterling Gemstone Jewellery Online

With the available resources, online one can without much of an ordeal search their ideal gemstone jewellery item. With Wholesale Gemstone Jewellery Suppliers selling their items online is an extraordinary open door for the clients. SMGL is the best place for unique and distinctive wholesale gemstone jewellery which makes you stand out from the crowd.

Online Shopping gives a hassle free approach to arrange and get the items at your doorsteps rapidly. Just browse through any of our gemstone pages and you will see so much diversity that exists in the world of natural gemstones. As we’re mainly based in Jaipur, the gemstone capital of the world it permits us to sell the superior Quality Wholesale Gemstone Jewellery with simply a click.

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Experiment with Gemstone Jewellery from Various Styles

Gemstone Jewellery wholesale suppliers have a huge variety of gems collection in their stock as indicated by the most recent patterns and plans accessible at discount costs. High quality Gemstone Jewellery is one of the most celebrated and favored sorts of jewellery by individuals of all age groups.

Sometimes you just have to dare to try something new. Often you think that a certain style doesn’t suit you at all and then you’re surprised by the effect when you venture off the beaten track. The ultimate accessories box is filled with a wide variety of jewellery ready for each and every occasion, whether it’s a family gathering event such as – wedding, birthday, festivals or for everyday life purposes such as – work or meeting with friends. It simply feels great to be able to choose from a wide collection of your own when you get jewellery stones at wholesale.

How to Choose the Best Jewellery Colors for You  

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Variety of Jewellery Stones

SMGL offers a wide range of wholesale sterling silver gemstone jewellery, be it wholesale gemstone rings or wholesale gemstone pendants or any wholesale gemstone jewellery. Not only diamond, ruby, sapphire & emerald – but also gemstones of various kinds are available at SMGL. The precious stones are set in 925 sterling silver and other precious metals.

Wholesale Gemstone Jewellery Suppliers fabricate Jewelry which has quality and authenticity guaranteed with appropriate utilization of Natural gemstones and Sterling Silver at an exceptionally huge scope. Authenticity is a significant angle in this trade and gemstone jewellery manufacturers are bound to give equivalent to dealers.

SMGL offers the classic gems in the classic varieties that we all know and love, but we also offer many rare varieties that really stand out when adding that glow to your finger or emitting that shine from your heart. Just browsing through any of our gemstone pages and you will see so much diversity that exists in the world of natural gemstones. 

We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our gemstones because we feel by letting you know about Mother Earth’s amazing treasures, you’ll share us in our passion!

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Model Making

For Jewellery Making it is the foremost process to begin with. The design of the jewellery is formed in a model-structure in this step.

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It is the next step after Model Making. The casting of our jewellery is done dynamically to evolve the best output. 

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Stone Setting

In this step, the Gemstones are safely attached or set into jewellery. We prefer different fundamental stone-setting techniques accordingly.

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In this process, the uneven or rough surfaces of metal are removed and polished to provide a finished and shining surface.

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An extra layer of silver is deposited over the metal surface to make it corrosion-resistant.

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Quality Control

Each product is strictly tested for different quality checkups in the lab before being added to the inventory.

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