Australia is known as the ‘Land of Opals’, now it’s also known as the ‘Land of Diamonds’. Australia is creating fine adornments as well, with or without gemstones.

Australia, with its long geographical history, has a portion of the world’s most seasoned rocks and minerals and a wide assortment of gemstones. Australia is the world’s greatest maker of precious stones and opals and a significant provider of sapphire, ruby, emerald, garnet, topaz and jade has likewise been mined in Australia.

A good gemstone is tested by its resistance to wear and tear. Quality of gemstone depends upon the properties of minerals such as shape, lustre, light refraction and specific gravity.  Most of the gemstones are harder; they are greater than 7 on Moh’s scale and cannot be scratched by the edge of the knife.


The way of life of Australia is a Western culture got primarily from Britain yet in addition impacted by the novel geology of the Australian mainland, the different contribution of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and other Oceanian individuals. Australians are commonly laid back, open and direct. They say what they mean and are commonly more individual and friendly than different societies. More than 75% of Australians live in urban areas and metropolitan focuses, predominantly along the coast.


Australian’s fashion is different from local dress styles.  Their dresses are inspired by the way of living in rugged country as well as modern Dress has been influenced by the experience of living in rugged country as well as modern relief activities such as swimming, surfing and beach culture. This is reflected in various textures, for example, moleskin and drill cotton, created for more reasonable wear.

The clothes they wear are according to their needs for e.g., if they are going out in sun they wear full selves’ clothes to protect their skin. Females have likewise received the free streaming sarong from Indonesia, the sulu from the Fiji Islands and Punjabi shirts from India as a favored decision of cut and article of clothing style as beachwear, giving both sun security and furthermore as change pieces of clothing from the sea shores to town.

As they are adopting different fashion from different countries they also like to wear silver jewelry. There are many manufacturers who manufacture wholesale jewellery in Australia.


Antique Australian adornments and its producers have been a significant zone for collectors for various years. Many people assume that early jewelers came from or influenced by the designs and styles from Scotland, England and Ireland.  However, a large number of the early goldsmiths likewise originated from Europe, just as being ‘free’ settlers or convicts. Our uniqueness of flora and fauna and combination and combination of cultures brought a style that is both distinctive and individual.

The disclosure of gold close to Bathurst in New South Wales in 1851, and soon thereafter in spots, for example, Ballarat and Buninyong in Victoria, normally began a dash for unheard of wealth that brought about numerous men either becoming quite wealthy or losing everything. It likewise brought about the utilization of a considerable amount of gold in the creation of wholesale jewellery Australia, an impact that isolates it from the styles of the UK and Europe. This is especially clear when you take a gander at ornaments, for instance, where the stone substance might be little or even non-existent, yet the brooch itself may gauge over 8cm in breadth.  In Australia, many of the early jewelers did not stamp their work.

So, the question arises, how can we determine that it is an Australian jewelry product without the mark? Mainly wholesale jewellery Australia is inspired by flora and fauna of Australia, the portrayal of which made a totally different genre of designs and motifs for the jewelers. It’s always easy to determine that the piece originates from Australia by it may be having a kangaroo or emu (or both) or a kookaburra as a vital piece of the design.

However, to determine the wholesale jewelry Australia, they mostly use Opal in their designs. Australian blue and yellow sapphires may also be used, as well as zircon. Another theme that was used during the Victorian era was the design of brooch inspired by the leaf.

Later on, they started getting inspired by Art and Craft and Art Deco to design their jewelry. And also started using gemstones like Pearls and Diamonds.


A portion of the more eminent Jewelers to look out for include: Aronson and Co, which was established in 1899 by Frederick Aronson of Woollahra in Sydney. At first, wholesale jewellery Australia importer, within two years Aronson had just opened a branch in Melbourne. His gems were set apart with a banner; Duggin, Shappere, and Co (set apart with an anchor); Willis and Sons, first settled in 1858 by Richard and Thomas Willis, who were gems shippers and wholesalers.

By the turn of the century, the firm had become Australia’s driving gold adornments producer. Their pieces are set apart with a unicorn; Flavelle Bros Ltd (set apart with a FB and Co, Flavelle or Flavelles), set up by John Flavelle, who was initially an expert picture taker, and afterward an optician, prior to turning out to be goldsmith and watchmaker; and maybe the most acclaimed of all, Wendt’s Jewelers Pty Ltd, whose products were set apart with the word WENDT, J.M.W, J.M. WENDT, and some of the time with a ruler’s head and a crown.

Joachim Wendt was Danish-conceived, yet emigrated to Port Adelaide in 1854. Inside a year he had gotten a naturalized Briton, and he before long turned out to be notable as a quality watchmaker, gold and silver smith, and gem specialist. In 1867 he was selected goldsmith to HRH the Duke of Edinburgh; at this point, his staff included 12 silversmiths, alongside watch producers, gem dealers, and shop partners.

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